Encouraging MSM Behavior Modification

By Adaryl Williams
United and Strong Inc on Saturday August 31, 2013 conducted a Behavior Change Communication (BCC) workshop aimed at ensuring that members of the MSM population in St. Lucia are given the basic facts about HIV and AIDS in a language or visual medium or any other medium that they can understand and relate to. The training formed part of developing a framework to help reduce HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination within the LGBT community by identifying and removing deep social barriers through behavior modification methods. Ten (10) previously trained peer counselors were identified from the community to be part of the initiative. It was held at the offices of United and Strong Inc from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Attendance was at seventy-two (72) percent. The training was facilitated by Mr. Bennet Charles a former BCC educator with Population Services International (PSI) and who is currently a community animator with the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance (CHAA) and Mr. Egbert S. Felix John, a BCC educator with Population Services International. Mr. Adaryl Williams the Co-Executive Director of United and Strong Inc had the overall responsibility for the successful execution of this project.

Subject areas included sexual and reproductive health and STI 101,HIV and AIDS 101, risk and risk assessment, condom use and prevention.

The workshop was successfully executed with the participants advocating for more such workshops on behalf of their peers within the LGBT community.


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