Staff Profile: Montgomry Danton

Montgomry Danton has always had a passion for helping persons and it is this passion that drove him to become one of the office attendants at United and Strong’s headquarters.

Growing up, Montty as he is popularly known, had a positive relationship with those who surrounded him but this would not always be the case. Entering adulthood, after completing school, he began experiencing what many of us have; and that is “societal pressure”. Montty was constantly ridiculed by community members and sometimes family members for wanting to express himself freely as a young gay man.

Today Montty is proud to say that he did not allow the negativity to dissuade him. In fact, in 2011 he seized the opportunity to become part of a movement to help change society’s perception of gay persons. He accepted the invitation from U&S ED Kenita Placide to volunteer for the International Dialogue on LGBT Human Rights that would be co-hosted by United and Strong in February 2012.

He went further to engage in videography training during that dialogue offered by Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights. The training offered the opportunity to gain knowledge of the equipment and techniques involved in recording video, particularly for the purpose of video documentation of violations faced by same sex loving individuals. He went on to receive further training in the field of editing and even got the chance to showcase his skills at an LGBT workshop in Brazil.Montty UNDP World We Want Consult (2)

Envisioning J photos (9) Montty at bar JQMall 1 (16)

The journey did not end there for this ambitious young man. Always ready to learn more, he has attended several workshops at national level and within the organization. Also an outgoing and assertive person, Montty has been keen in offering his assistance at many of the events produced by the organization.

Today Montgomry is equipped with knowledge on voluntary counseling on HIV/AIDS and Peer Counseling, along with his skills in videography. All these attributes made him a suitable candidate, and his application was approved for the post of office admin at United and Strong where he now serves.

He continues to put his skills and personality to use daily as United and Strong continues to build awareness of services offered at its safe space and during its public outreach and engagement with non-government and government entities.


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