Youth talk Human Rights in Education, on U&S / Ministry of Youth Panel

Youth from the south will tonight, April 9, 2014, engage in a panel discussion on human rights as United and Strong partners with the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports for Youth Month 2014. Today is especialy significant, being International Day of Pink,  aimed at curbing bullying and discrimination in schools and communities.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has committed to work with the organisation to host a series of discussions on human rights as part of United and Strong Inc. efforts to engage youth through education and research-based initiatives. The first will be held from 7pm tonight at the southern campus of the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC)  as part on April’s Youth Month activities. A panel of young people will explore the topic “Should Comprehensive human rights education should be a priority on the curriculum”.

The panel is comprised of young people who have been intimately involved in youth development, namely Ezabi Francis – youth parliamentarian, Rhyesa Joseph – former youth parliamentarian, Marcia Lashley – Youth Officer for VF south in the Min. YD&S, Jeff Jeffery – YouthFest organiser and V.P. of VF south Youth & Sports Council. Eleanor Joseph – Community Facilitator and President of the Vieux Fort north Youth & Sports Council, will moderate the session.

While human rights is included in Social Studies and Health and Family Life Education at the primary and secondary school levels, the discussion will explore whether the subject is dealt with comprehensively, why it is necessary to teach human rights in schools and the potential of human rights education to create change the world. The panel will accept questions and contributions from the audience following the presentations.

United and Strong hopes to utilise this and similar fora to raise awareness among the youth the stigma attached to and discrimination experienced by marginalised groups in Saint Lucia, which negatively affects access to social services and cognitive and psychosocial development.

This is the first collaboration between United and Strong and the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports. U&S hopes to continue the partnership as we seek to engender discussion among youth on rights and development, in order to reduce stigma and discrimination.


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