Staff Profile: Edma Pierre

Bashful, helpful, easy-going, resourceful, are some of the words one can use to describe Edma Pierre, Administrative Assistant at United and Strong. Some of us may have tasted her culinary skills at events hosted by United and Strong however this young lady’s main job at U&S is  Administrative Assistant. She was one of the first applicants interviewed for the position and was successful after having gone through the procedures.IMG_6925

Edma possesses a drive which contributes to her executing the day to day duties attached to her portfolio. There is never too much for her to do when called upon and so her willingness to help, creates a positive atmosphere for everyone around her.

Edma has a desire to defend LGBT issues and is one of the many persons who will stand up against gay bashing, both for herself and that of her peers; simply because she does not believe in bullying.

To date she has attended workshops locally and regionally and has had the opportunity to address the media on LGBT subjects. With these attributes Edma is sure to one day become a trailblazer amongst activists advocating for equality and human rights for all LGBTI persons.  U&S Condom collageLove Lubricants (2)


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