MACAIDS and CVC collaborate on M&E workshop

(Gros Islet, March 14, 2015) Fifteen representatives of civil society organizations gathered at United and Strong’s headquarters on Saturday March 14, as Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) through Grant Funding from MACAIDS Fund, hosts a one-day Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop.

Participating in addition to United and Strong are the Marigot Development Committee, Anse La Raye Sports Council, Youngsters Sports Club, CARICOM Youth Arm, National Youth Council, National Skills Development Centre, CYEN (Marigot), Saint Lucia Red Cross, Ministry of Health, AIDS Action Foundation and the Bureau of Health Education.

Click for more photos of the session….

United and Strong was successful in securing grant funding from MACAIDS through CVC in December 2014.

This is one of three workshops to be held in Saint Lucia, Antigua and Belize in collaboration with the Grant recipients and National AIDS Programmes/Health Education Departments.

The workshop explore Saint Lucia’s HIV/AIDS situation, presented by Ministry of Health’s Dr. Alisha Eugene . Other presentations include Understanding M&E Terms and Concepts, and Effective Proposal Writing, presented by CVC’s Carolyn Gomes, Monica Brown and Dawn Hazel-Gill.

The session will improve the capacity of CSOs in Monitoring and Evaluation as well as recognizing the importance of evidence-based data collection. Participants will learn more about basic concepts and methods of monitoring and evaluation, the link between monitoring and evaluation and the key guiding tools and use of the logic model. In addition they will learn ways of selecting indicators, collecting and analyzing data, techniques for effective presentation and utilization of results and writing proposals.

As part of their visit to Saint Lucia, CVC representatives also paid a visit to the MAC Cosmetics store in Rodney Bay.

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