Request for Proposal for the Provision of Principal Recipient Services:

Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Global Fund Grant


(Thursday, 19 March 2015) At the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Health Ministers Meeting of October 2013, a mandate was given to the OECS Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM) to submit a proposal to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria. Under the New Funding Model the OECS Countries are eligible to apply for funds totalling $US 5.3 Million for HIV and Tuberculosis. The application for the grant is being made through the OECS RCM which is located in Saint Lucia and is chaired by the Minister of Health, Hon. Alvina Reynolds. While only four of the countries (Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenadines) are eligible for funding under this new model, the multi-country proposal will be expanded to include the countries of Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Kitts and Nevis.

The OECS RCM now invites organizations to submit proposals to be considered as a Principal Recipient (PR) for the Global Fund grant funds. The focus areas have already been defined in the proposal and we are looking to appoint a PR based on specific criteria, which include the strength of the proposed implementation programme and the capacity of the organisation to function as a PR according to Global Fund requirements.

Focus Areas and Proposed Activities

Module 1: Prevention Programmes for key affected populations including, MSM, SW and youth 

Including Activities such as:

  • Conduct of Integrated Biological Behavioural Surveys (IBBS).
  • Behavioural change as part of programs for key affected populations.
  • HIV testing and counselling as part of programs for key affected populations.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of STIs for key affected populations.
  • Development and standardization of packages of prevention services for key affected populations.

Module 2: Treatment care and support

  • Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
  • Treatment monitoring
  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections
  • Counseling and psycho-social supportModule 3: TB/HIV Co-infection
  • Ensure political commitment, funding and stewardship for planning and essential services of high quality
  • Address the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups and address special needs of migrants and cross-border issues
  • Undertake screening for active TB and LTBI in TB contacts and selected high-risk groups, and provide appropriate treatment
  • Laboratory systems strengthening
  • Module 4: Health Information Systems and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)
  • Roll out and implementation of case based surveillance system in the OECS
  • Strengthen M&E and Research in the OECSThe roles and responsibilities of the PR will include the following:
  • Entering into a performance-based grant agreement with the Global Fund;
  • Receiving and managing funds disbursed by the Global Fund;
  • Entering into grant agreements with sub-recipients and disbursing funds to them;
  • Managing the implementation of the programme or part thereof, co-ordination of grant participants and provision of technical leadership;
  • Regular financial and programmatic progress reporting to the Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM), the Global Fund and other national stakeholders; and
  • Monitoring and evaluation and reporting of data to relevant national authorities.


Further information is available to assist in preparation of a comprehensive proposal, including proposal guidelines, minimum requirements for the principal recipient (pr), evaluation process, application schedule and timelines for the application process.

For details email or call Joan Didier at +1(758) 518 7171.


————– ENDS ————–


Joan Didier


1(758) 518 7171

Maria Fontenelle


1(758) 461 6155



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