More condoms, more love: U&S Does it again

Carnival is fun, but it doesn’t have to lead to regret. Doing it’s part to ensure sexual activity is remorse free during this season of bacchanal, United and Strong has again effected its special distribution of condoms to carnival bands for the season.

While it’s advocacy has evolved to a more human rights focus, reducing the incidence of new HIV infections, co-infections and other sexually transmitted infections remains an active area of work for U&S.  This remains relevant with 1,032 cases of HIV reported in Saint Lucia since 1985, and 354 AIDS related deaths. Condoms have proven effective in reducing the incidence of HIV and other STIs and United and Strong distributed over six thousand (6,000) condoms during the carnival season last year. This is part of approximately thirty thousand (30,000)  prophylaxis distributed annually to bars, barber shops and other business places as part of United and Strong’s ongoing free condom distribution programme. This number represents a steady increase, particularly following the closure of the Caribbean HIV AIDS Alliance.

Currently partnered with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, United and Strong has previously collaborated with the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Gender Relations, the Caribbean HIV AIDS Alliance and  AIDS Action Foundation in effecting this vital service. Dental dams, lubricants, safer sex information, voluntary counselling and rapid testing are also part of the services offered.

Carnival bands receiving condoms this year include Red Unlimited (1,600), Just4Fun (2000),  Royalites Extreme (600) and Meltdown XD (444). The condoms will be included in the carnival pack distributed by carnival bands to their revellers.

While total distribution was lower than usual this year due constraints in it’s supply of condoms, the organisation still ensured it did it’s part to contribute to making revellers safer on the road for carnival 2k15.

For more on our free condom distribution programme call 1 (758) 450 0976 or email

Maria Fontenelle

Communications and Advocacy

United and Strong


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