Project leader Mr. Hinskon Ochilien and team member Mr. Randall Theodule

WHATSYOURPOSITION‬. As the 16 Days Of Activism began on November 25th,2015 a project “What’s Your Position” aims at helping people who are different, be it Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people as well as people who are deemed different. Whats makes this project different is that we are using real life stories of people who have been discriminated, posting it on social media then taking it to the schools and communities to capture the behaviors and attitudes of persons.

What’s Your Position is being undertaken by youthful members and allies of United and Strong and will embarked on the development of 3 documentaries highlighting the experiences of persons who have faced issues of Stigma and Discrimination and/or Gender Based Violence. Another major aspect of this project is the development of an online survey which will capture the views of youth towards gender based violence and LGBTI issues. Whats Your Position Survey

This innovative initiate forms part of project by UNDP Barbados and the OECS. SocialINNOV4change presents an opportunity to engage with youth as agents of change in making that shift from national to citizen security, with an emphasis on social innovation. Empirical evidence suggests that Caribbean youth are both victims and perpetrators of crime, and in this regard, this initiative focuses on engaging youth not only as direct beneficiaries, but also as key partners in development.

According to the Advocacy Officer and resource person for the project Mr. Bennet Charles “Being and advocate and an ally does not necessarily mean one needs to be of the people but one must certainly be for the people”

Lookout for the first what’s your position documentary ACCEPTANCE, featuring the violence experienced in relationships along with incidences of discrimination. 



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