Call for Application: O.E.C.S. Men’s Dialogue 2016

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United and Strong Inc Saint Lucia and DomCHAP of Dominica invites applications from Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Men from the O.E.C.S. to attend the the first ever O.E.C.S. Key Population Men’s Dialogue which will be held In Dominica on April 18th-21st,2016, under the theme “Beyond Where We Are”, It’s our turn to make a difference for what matters.

The goals of the OECS Key Populations Dialogue will endeavor to:

  • Create a forum for discussions on sexual diversity, health and human rights issues.
  • Identify strategies to help surmount the main challenges of key population advocacy in the OECS.
  • Build capacity and strengthen regional key population groups and individuals towards stronger regional Key Population networks.
  • Scale up HIV prevention and treatment strategies for key populations within the OECS, and convene dialogue on the status of key population behavioral health and promotion in the OECS territories.

Local and Regional expertise will be used to facilitate the 2016 Men’s dialogue and will focus on the following areas.

Health and Security

  • Addressing Key Population, Physical, Mental and Psycho social Health.
  • Personal Safety/ Safe Spaces for Community Interaction and Growth.

Human Rights

  • Adressing Human Rights issues for Key Population within the HIV context.
  • Socio-Cultural Stigma and Discrimination
  • What does investing in communities look like.

Capacity Building/ Effective Community Mobilization towards a regional key population specific response.

Modeling and sustaining Community Based HIV interventions for Key Populations.

  • The Panel Discussion will be working towards a common OECS Key Population in post 2016 outcome: consensus statement from panel discussions on moving past the Men’s Dialogue 2016.

The conference will end with  the hope of establishing a more unified O.E.C.S. key population partnership to foster effective communication and advocacy mechanism.

Application deadline for scholarships to attend the 2016 Dialogue will be February 20th, 2016

Application form can be completed online via the OECS Men’s Dialogue Application and Scholarship request form 

For more information email us at; read our WordPress Blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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