“Condomize De Mas” – U&S Joins Red Rebellion at Red Bikini Affair

Presentation1United and Strong Inc joins Red Rebellion Carnival Band & Mercury on June 19th , 2016 at Pigeon Island Causeway at what is set to be the most untamed beach rave yet.

The Red Unlimited Carnival Band, referred to as Red Carnival is best described as a party band with two distinguishing features – attracting Revelers with Energy to dazzle spectators and demonstrating innovation to keep the band on the cutting edge of the revelers’ experience.

United and Strong Inc is a registered non government organization, focused on LGBT and HIV/STI Health Education for marginalized communities in Saint Lucia and the OECS islands. A major component of the organization’s work is to eliminate stigma and discrimination, reduce inequality, and protect human rights and lives.

During the Red Bikini Affair and other Carnival events, U&S team members’ urges revelers and patrons to “Condomize De Mas”. Peer Educators will disseminate safe sex information, male and female condoms and lubricants to the public. The organization recognizes that persons engage in risky behaviors during the Carnival Season and so felt it necessary to heighten the awareness of safe sex practices.

This Carnival Season U&S urges the public to get tested so you can know your status.  Remember More Condoms, More Love!!!!!  For more information about the organization, visit our facebook page: United and Strong Inc or search for us on Instagram: @unitedandstrong.slu


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