Double Grant Award Winners -from Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC)

red-lightThe strategic goal of the HIV Elimination Project is reducing the incidence of HIV infection in accordance with the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, which United and Strong has dedicated to facilitating among key populations.  Facilitating access to services by key populations is undoubtedly a critical component of the work.  Hence, United and Strong Inc became a double grant recipient towards scaling the HIV response among key populations.

The two grants from the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, one of which falls under “Community Capacity Building and Campaigns to promote health and human rights” and funded under the CVC MACAIDS FUND  and other being the “Red Light Outreach Project” under OECS Global Fund HIV/TB Project  the will focus primarily on working with key populations within the LGBT and sex worker communities.

Some primary objectives of these project will be to provide HIV Rapid Test and phlebotomy training for members of the key populations.  Activities will also focus on enhancing the documentation of human rights violations of persons within key populations while also providing a level of security and personal safety training.  A key component of both projects will be the provision of sexual health services within a conducive environment.

Both projects are set to span over a nine month period ending in September of 2017. We anticipate a successful outcome where key populations will be empowered and equipped with the proper skill sets to provide peer education along with related sexual health and human rights services to colleagues.

The first component of the Red Light Project will be a Peer Education training for a cadre of 15 women in the area of Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV.  Mr. Bennet Charles – Communications & Advocacy Officer for United and Strong Inc shared the following comments;

“This is a most timely initiate on the heels on the 1 Billion Rising Campaign as we aim to bring focus and visibility on the exploitation of our women and girls, while enhancing their capacity to be more resilient”

United and Strong will continue to partner with other agencies to increase capacity and strengthen networks with health service provides to ensure the successful implementation of these projects.


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